Our time was mainly in Northern New Hampshire.

We also spent a few days in Massachusetts, with even less time in Maine, and Vermont.

The highlight was Mt. Washington, but Franconia Notch State Park should be considered for your “Must Visit” list. Clarks Trading Post is a for profit tourist attraction worth visiting.

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We have some MOVIES of the cog steam engines going up Mt. Washington.

These show the actions of the external gears as well as feature the sounds.

If you cannot go to Mt. Washington yourself, these may help you get a little bit of the feel for such things.

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Plymouth MA

The site of the Pilgrims Landing is Plymouth Rock, covered by this porticos , which was closed for repairs when we were there., In the harbor is a replica of the Mayflower. We took a drive on nearby Cape Cod, but the weather  did not lend itself to pictures there,

Grafton Notch ME

The wonderfully interesting Screwauger Falls is in this Maine State Park just over the border from NH.

Dixville Notch NH

This is a well known location because it is the site of the first ballots in presidential elections. The polls (in the hotel) open at midnight for the small number of official residents.

We took a Moose Tour out of Gorham.

We did see two moose (meesce? Just kidding) but there was not enough light to photograph them.


At the wildlife viewing area below, we did see an eagle we could photograph.

New Hampshire is famous for its historic covered bridges, such as this one we saw north and west of Gorham.