Mt. Washington is the tallest mountain in the Northeast (third highest east of the Mississippi) and has the well deserved reputation of the worst weather in the 48 contiguous states. 



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Approaching the Base station for the Mt Washington Cog Railroad, you see the Western slope of Mt. Washington, with the cog tracks going up. With luck, you will see a steam engine pushing a  passenger car up the mountain (left top).


At the base station, you will see engines with passenger cars close up (right top and second).  You can see historical steam engines, including the first one to go to the top of Mt. Washington (right third from top).  


As you near the top, you can see the summit house (right third from bottom), plus hikers who have come the hard way (left second from top) and those who come up the auto road ( left third from top).


The views from the summit are outstanding if you are lucky enough to get a clear day (right bottom and second from bottom, plus left bottom).

You can get to the top via the Auto Road, hiking, or taking the unique steam powered Mt Washington Cog Railroad.

The railroad grade is too steep for standard rails, hence the upward power comes through a cog gear.


If you are a steam fan, be careful. The Cog Railroad has one diesel engine. We had the bad luck to get stuck with the diesel.  Some others might prefer the diesel. Steam power is such a part of history, and can generally only be experienced at a few locations in this day and age. Most of these are remnants of old railroads preserved for special tourist outings. The Mt Washington Cog Railroad is one of the few places that started in steam and continued its original mission in steam. It is like stepping into a time machine when you get one of the steam engines.

Mt. Washington from Cedar Pond

Mt. Washington from North Conway (2 views)

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NH Mt. Washington

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Here is a movie (3.4 MB) of a Mt Washington Cog Steam engine passing us as the steam engine was going uphill and we were going downhill. This is the upper passing section, just below the summit. Click the picture at top right to see the movie.



At the base for the Cog, I got this movie (3.3 MB) of an engine moving alone.  It shows the external gears of the cog engine quite well (click right middle picture to see movie).



One more movie (2.5 MB) of the steam cog engine starting up the mountain pushing its passenger car and sounding its whistle (click bottom right picture to see movie).

Our home is where we park it.-

Mount Washington Cog Railroad Movies