NH Franconia Notch State Park

Page last revised 9/12/2008

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The Basin

The star in the crown of New Hampshire state parks is Franconia Notch.

Mountains changed by glaciers is the theme, and it is gorgeous.

The best known feature is The Flume, and you must pay to hike it.

Payment helps keep The Flume from being “loved to death” by worthy fans, and keeps the abusers to a minimum.

It is worth the price.

A giant granite wash basin with running water was carved by glaciers long ago. No charge to visit. Dogs are allowed. It is well worth visiting.

The Flume

You must pay to take the 2 mile hike called “The Flume”. It is worth it. During the season, you can take a bus part of the way.


The hike leads past huge glacier boulders (top) over a covered bridge (not shown) and into Flume Gorge itself (second row). 


At one time (over 50 years ago) there was a boulder stuck in the Gorge. You walked under the boulder suspended between the walls.











Flume Gorge ends at dramatic Avalanche Falls (third row).














The longer version of the hike continues to Liberty Gorge and Falls (fourth row).









The last major scenery is when you cross Sentinel Bridge and go down to “The Pool”. Sentinel Bridge was made from one huge famous old tree (the Sentinel Tree) after it fell in a storm.


Click on the picture below for a movie.


Take a tram most of the way up Canon Mountain and walk the rest of the way.


Outstanding views if you catch a rare clear day like we did.

We often tell people to see scenic wonders and don’t wait. Here is an example of why.


The Old Man of the Mountain, the symbol of the state of New Hampshire and used as the back of the New Hampshire quarter,  fell in 2003.  You can see a composite image of before and after images on Wikipedia under the topic Old Man of the Mountain.


Arches National Park in Utah has some scenic wonders that may disappear any time. Both Landscape Arch and Balanced Rock may follow the Old Man of the Mountain and Chip off the Old Block into geological history.

Indian Head is another “face” in Franconia Notch State Park.